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3 easy steps to make TM Unifi online payment

How to Display Unifi Billing Online?

In the bustle of day-to-day affairs, you may have missed an email related to your TM unifi or Streamyx service bill. To prevent your TM services suspended temporarily due to payment delays, in this guide we will show you how to display your bills online through TM’s official website.

Step 1

Go to website
The official TM website for this user access system is
Once the website is displayed – in the upper right corner you will see the icon:. Click on the icon.

Step 2

Sign Up To Login First Time if you are first time
After you click on the icon, a popup will be displayed. You have 2 optional tabs: LOGIN and REGISTER.
For first-time use, click on the REGISTER tab

For Home package users (unifi Home & Streamyx Home), enter your email address and ID Type, New NRIC / Passport. Then press the REGISTER button.

For business package users (unifi Biz & Streamyx OIAB), enter your email address and ID Type,

BRN (company / business registration number). Press the REGISTER button.

The system will identify the ID you enter and continue by completing the registration form until successful.

Step 3

Login to
Upon successful registration, you can login to this system by using the predefined email address and password.
Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to view the home page of this system which displays some important account information such as your TM Account No., subscription package, address, bill summary and others.

If you have any technical problem, or want to ask more details about the bills, there’s a Live Chat may help you for free.



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