Why Choose Us?

How are we different from others?


Best Speed

Our application speed with the provider is extremely fast.


0% Installment

There are NO installation fees, Setup fees or any UPFRONT Payment required.


24 X 7 Service

Our provider is always online be it from Facebook or Customer Careline.

Who We Are?

We are the pioneer Internet Service Provider and the leader in telecommunications market.

We’re committed to making Internet simple for all customers to connect across networks or provider that is suitable. Our vision is to lead the market with services that harness the potential of the Internet through our partners and provide the best plans customized to every consumers requirements.

Current Provider Partners:

Unifi Connection Quick Fix Tips

TMTips unifi Connection Quick Fix Restart Your unifi Equipment

This video will show you the steps on how to restart your unifi equipment. This step can be a quick-fix to improve your internet connection and resolve wireless issue.