Android Messages 3.6
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Android Messages 3.6 Is Now Available

Android Messages 3.6 Is Now Available and Presents Better Search System

In recent times, many things Google has changed in Android Message.

Among them are, Android Message Web, dark theme support, RCS support between Samsung Message,

and much more. Now, Android Message 3.6 comes with a variety of interesting features as well.

Inside the message, the location or web automatic view can now appear automatically. Users can also choose if they want to display based only on WiFi, data, or both.

Android Message 3.6 uses a new icon and looks neat. Then, the search system in Android Message has been updated more efficiently. Users can search by selecting a category.

These functions or features also work in both themes. Good dark or ordinary. For users who want to try early,

can download the APK file now or just wait for updates via the Play Store.

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