Answer TIME Why Their Services Are Not In Terrace Houses
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Answer TIME Why Their Services Are Not In Terrace Houses

This Answer TIME why their services are not in terrace houses

For those of you who have missed the news over internet connection last month, SKMM has issued a media statement regarding the minimum standard price of the local fixed line broadband with four telecommunications companies.

Earlier, one of the network operators, TIME, launched a new 1Gbps internet package, and it was the first speed offering of its kind for local users.

Many users are still wondering why TIME does not extend their offerings to users living in terraced or landed house.

Responding to the issue, TIME through a partnership on Facebook, has stated that they have no permission to plant piles or access existing columns for internet offerings to terraced houses.

Also mentioned, TIME does not want to network with other parties for the reason they want to control the quality and speed of their networks.

By 2020, TIME is targeting their services to be offered to over 1 million premises.

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