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Astro Merdeka Watch All You Can

Astro Merdeka Brings All The Channels For You and watch all you can on Astro channel & Astro Go.

From August 30, 2018 to September 17, 2018, please be advised not to panic if there are hundreds of Astro channels available to you that are not in your subscriptions.

This is because, over a period of time, Astro is happy to air all their channels for free in conjunction with this national day of Malaysia.

Astro users involved are residential customers as well as Astro GO.

Please ready to enjoy Astro of the free channel, they now have 236 channels in various genres, from children to sports.

At Astro GO, though not as much Satellite TV service, it’s still a lot, you can watch the content:

sports from 15 channels, Malay from 9 channels, Chinese from 13 channels, India from 7 channels, anime and k-pop from 7 channels, children and learning from 11 channels, English from 11 channels and news from 12 channels.
Astro GO is an IPTV service and can be enjoyed by you Android or iOS users. You just need to download APP and start watching stream.

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