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Bitcoin Lost 40 Percent Of Its Value

Bitcoin Lost 40 Percent Of Its Value Within Two Weeks.

Bitcoin experienced a severe fall of as low as $ 3,520 over the past few days,

eliminating all the profits from the coins bought this year. That indirectly recovers the doubts that have arisen about the strength of the virtual currency as an investment method.

It’s a dramatic change from 2017 when its value goes beyond $ 15,000 in early December to a peak of just under $ 20,000. After that, the price plummeted.

By January of this year, it lost half of its peak value and continued to decline. This drop was dramatic in recent weeks. The price drop may be due to several branches that generate parallel currencies such as Bitcoin Cash this year.

CoinDesk – a website specializing in Bitcoin and digital currencies reporting Bitcoin Cash as well as several other bitcoin branches suffered over 10 percent loss within 24 hours.

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