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Chat and phone calls on All Social Media Monitored by the Government

Chating and phone calls on All Social Media Monitored by the Government, Is It Right?

This is the fact

Actually in social media and applications there are many chain messages circulating that all activities of cellphone users will be recorded and monitored. Activities called government monitoring began telephone calls to social media. Then written in detail what will be monitored by the government ranging from phone calls, WhatsApp, to Facebook. Following are the contents of the chain message:

All Mobile Phone and Media Telecommunication activities and all social media are monitored 100%

  • All calls are recorded.
  • All recorded phone calls are saved.
  • WhatsApp is monitored.
  • Twitter is monitored.
  • Facebook is monitored.

All social media & forums are monitored. please inform colleagues, family and relatives who don’t know. The device will be connected to the service system, so it is expected that in using social media and communicating always be careful in sending unnecessary messages. It is hoped that this information can be conveyed to children, relatives & friends about this information. It is expected not to continue writing or videos etc.

If you post about the current political situation with fake news and actions will be taken, if necessary just delete the entry that will harm you. Messages that contain Incitement, Terror and Pornography. Write or forward any message on any political and religious debate all the time you get the arrest violation of the warrant as well

Group admin can be in a big problem in the Legal case. hopefully useful, thank you

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