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Cyber999 Help Center CyberSecurity Malaysia

Products that are Common With Online Fraud
Take precaution if you want to buy electronics, especially gadgets such as laptop computers and mobile phones

that are highly vulnerable to online scams. With the various gadgets produced by the company every year, many fraudulent vendors who will take advantage of trying to cheat victims who want to be among the earliest people have the latest gadgets.

Screen Through Safe Connection
When shopping online, you should do so through “secured network” and avoid purchasing through a shared computer. In addition, do not make online purchases using the connection via a free Wifi connection such as in a cafe or public place. WiFi connections in public are at greater risk because anyone at the same location can

monitor the information you enter like your banking or credit card information. Therefore, make online purchases and all online banking activities through a secure internet connection.

Check Statement
Check your banking statements regularly to make sure you do not become victim to theft online without you being aware of it. Take a look at your banking statement to make sure no odd payments are charged to your account. Checking your banking statements will also help you to detect if you have been victimized by fraudulent charges quickly and make it easier for you to improve the situation.

Submit Complaint
If you see an online seller or an online website that you feel is strange, you can report it to the authorities.

You can send online or make online reports to Ministry of Domestic Affairs and Consumer Affairs (KPDNKK).

You can also report to the Cyber999 Help Center, which is under CyberSecurity Malaysia.

If you don’t have any internet subscription yet, Check it out with the Service Provider and the

communications market for more unifi Malaysia.


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