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Easy Way And Cheap How to Use The Internet When Overseas

Here want to share some of the ways we can use internet outside the country, there is an easy way and pay less.

From the author’s experience, there is a way to use the Internet Malaysia just simple and secure. Let’s see what options we have.

Activate Existing Data On Roaming
The simplest way is to enable data roaming from the line you use in Malaysia. There is no need to go to the store to rent equipment, or even in the country to get a foreign card. But the cost is high compared to other options.

Almost all postpay and prepaid in Malaysia support data roaming, but it is best to check in advance with your telecom telco. Learn more about data roaming, through our article titled, “Easy Steps to Avoid Over Roaming Charges”.

Before that, data roaming needs to be activated first. It can be made as easy as making calls to customer service centers, often toll-free lines. Request to activate data roaming.

After that, check your telco website, roaming readiness and charges in the country you are about to visit. There are two things to be sure. First, daily and second charges, data quota limits.

Most Malaysian telco charges RM30 ++ daily with 500MB data quota per day. But some Telco offering attractive data roaming like data roaming as low as RM10 per day for 500MB of data quota, normally just for few countries:

Australia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea, Laos, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

Buy Overseas Sim Card
This is a simple, take a prepaid example in Malaysia, how do overseas travelers want to have a prepaid pack? It requires registration of personal information using passports. Then choosing a plan is also somewhat disturbing with various data bids such as video data, facebook data, midnight data and others.

If you are abroad and want to buy a local card, you need to learn about the country first. Not only purchases of prepaid packs, but also plans to subscribe as well. Otherwise, you may be cheated by the seller or it is wrongly subscribe to the plan.

The easiest way, refer to people who have used a sim card in that country before.

If you still don’t have any internet for home or business subscription yet, Check it out with the Service Provider for the latest Unifi package promotion.






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