Tips And tricks Fix Wifi that Cannot Connect
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Tips And tricks Fix Wifi that Cannot Connect

Few tips and tricks fix Wifi that cannot connect

The internet now seems to be an inseparable part of life in everyday life. Starting from social relations, business and work, until personal matters can all be done using the internet. Therefore, the internet is a primary need that must be present in a dwelling. Therefore, we are familiar with wifi technology that helps spread the internet network so that it can be accessed inside the house. As an electronic device, wifi can also sometimes experience problems, the most common problem is can’t connect to use. Of course you need to know how to fix wifi that can’t connect. But before that, need to  know the wifi components, namely:

WiFi router and adopter. The router functions as a wifi transmitter in the house, by setting several configurations such as wifi passwords, ssid wifi, blocking anyone who cannot connect to wifi and so on. On the router part there is also a LAN port if you really don’t want to use SSID WiFi, or you can also use both at once. Routers can be obtained at various prices, depending on the brand and specifications of the router you want. Do you want to have a router with a speed of hundreds of Mbps, some also have 3 LAN ports or more, or some have 2-3 wifi antennas and so on.
Wifi antenna. This tool is used as a wifi signal capture emitted from the transmitter antenna. These antennas are usually located in areas outside the house with conditions not blocked by buildings, trees, leaves and so on.
Modem. While the modem has a function as a converter of analog signals into digital signals and vice versa. Modems are not shaped like a modern USB that can be inserted with a SIM card, but in the form of a laptop charger adapter that has two ports with different uses.
The cable has a special role, namely as a fulfillment of the specifications for the installation of wifi networks.
Some of the components above are the compilers of WiFi networks that are common in various homes. But what if the wifi is interrupted and can’t connect too? What can you do?

The following are some tips and tricks on how to fix wifi that can’t connect.

Indicates a problem
If you are connecting a device to wifi, then get the connected information but if you use it it turns out you can’t, pay attention again to the wifi symbol carefully. Usually there will be an exclamation point on the wifi signal bar which if the pointer is directed to it, there will be a no internet access display. This means that there is no internet connected to your device. This event can be caused by a wifi package that has run out or there are components that experience interference so that it cannot connect properly.

No internet access
To overcome this, the first thing you do is check the active period of the package you are subscribed to. If it is still in use, then switch to the ports, are there cables that are not installed properly or loose. After the cable is properly installed, you can refresh your device or reboot the router.

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