Google App That Can Save Your Phone Battery
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Google App That Can Save Your Phone Battery

Tips Google App That Can Save Your Phone Battery

One way to save battery on a smartphone is to enable dark / night mode, or dark / night mode. Some said it only affects the OLED display only, not on the LCD.

Google itself agrees that dark mode can save battery and share their findings through tests on the Google Pixel smartphone (2016) that use AMOLED displays. From the power graph below, we can see how much power is used.

With the highest brightness level, the black color uses the least energy. It is followed by red, green and jumped in blue. Most battery consumption, is white with 5x more energy consumption than black.

So Google has begun to add the Dark Mode functionality in their generated applications. Here are a few Google apps that have this functionality and can be used, to help you extend your battery life to Android smartphones.

Google Contacts
The latest Google Contacts 3.2 update has Dark Mode functionality. Just press the menu three lines at the top left and select Turn dark theme on. The background will turn black and the text is white.

One of the earliest applications that use Dark Mode is YouTube. It launches first for both the website and iOS versions, and is now ready for use in the Android app. Because it displays a video thumbnail, so little space is black. There’s still savings there.

To enable it, go to Profile Icon> Dark Theme and turn it on.

Google Maps
It may be a bit strange if the map is seen with a dark background, it seems to give a sense of night time. Therefore, Google Maps actually has no Dark Mode but it is in the Navigation space.

By default, Google Maps Navigation changes to Dark Mode automatically at night. But you can force Dark Mode to stay alive in Navigation. The trick by going to the menu three lines at the top left, Settings> Navigation Settings> Map Display> Color Scheme, and choose Night.

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