Google Still Keep Track of Locations Even though GPS Are Off
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Google Still Keep Track of Locations Even Though GPS Are Off

Google Still Keep Track of Locations Even though GPS mobile phones are off.Some people choose to disable location features so that no one can track them. In fact, it’s not entirely true. According to a recent study from the Associated Press involving researchers from Princeton computer science, several Google services on Android and iOS devices store user location data.

Some Google services that are allegedly used as trackers such as Google Maps, weather updates, and Google Search search browsers. In fact, the data remains tracked even though the user has turned off the location feature on the device. If the user turns off the “Location History” menu, it only prevents Google from displaying where you go in the “Timeline” or Timeline feature, which visualizes where the user goes. User location traces are stored in the “Web and App Activity” settings. The data is tracked through the user’s Google account, so users will be tracked wherever their account is accessed.

You can deactivate the feature in the following link, then slide the button to the left to turn it off. Google will tell you what will happen after the feature is paused, such as affecting the device location service, and the “Find my Device” application to track lost Android phones. If you agree, select the “Pause” option, but if you want to think again, the user can cancel it. How to delete location history As Google revealed, users have the right to delete location records. To delete via an Android phone, open the device settings, then select Google and Google account. Tap the “Data & personalization” menu, then in “activity control”, select “Location History”. Then select “Manage Timeline” and wait for the device to open Google Maps. There will be displayed all the location history and timeline of users that have been divided by day, month and date. Go to the other menu section symbolized by a vertical three point, then select a setting. At the bottom, select “Delete all Location history” or select “delete Location History range”. If you want to delete it through the site, you can click on the following link.

You can choose to delete by time, based on location or directly on the entire history. If you choose by time, right-click the desired date, then click “Delete” with the trash icon in the lower right corner
To delete by location, select a list of locations or maps, then click on other menus and select “delete stops from the day”, then select “delete”. Finally, to delete the entire location, just click the trash icon in the lower right, then check the box provided, and the location history will be permanently erased.

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