Harapan Coin (HRP) - ICO Malaysia
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Harapan Coin (HRP) – ICO Malaysia

Digital Currency  Harapan Coin (HRP) – ICO Malaysia

The authors did not expect Malaysia to become the first country to make ICO a medium to raise funds for the election as announced on the CCN portal (link: A Digital Currency to Revolutionize the Coming GE14). A clever move by supporters of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) to help PH overthrow the existing Malaysian government.

As we know, the cryptic world has unpredictable miracles. The power of blockchain technology and the people’s power should not be taken lightly. The authors expect HRP to be very fast.

How far is this HRP reliable?

This is the question that will play in the writer’s head because the group does not dare present themselves because of security. Maybe they are brave, but they do not want their family to be involved. The author respects their choice.

So, the writer has been contacting them directly through the email they provided. Their answer is simple as follows: “In the spirit of honesty and transparency, we will declare our hot wallet and ask the leaders to announce their wallets in social media as well. Since the open ledger technology itself is transparent, our leaders, friends and comrades, will be able to see the movements of the coins easily. ”

For the author, this answer is convincing. As a contributor we also know how much bitcoin has been given to a leader and we can evaluate the contribution they get fit or not with the work they do. Here’s the goodness of open / distributed ledger!

Here is a review of HRP:

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The First Political cryptic currency that makes ICO

According to their website, hopeancoin.com, HRP is the world’s first crypto currency using ICO for the purpose of raising funds to support the party in the elections. HRP, or ”Harapan Coin”was created by a group of Malaysians, both inside and outside the country, who wanted all supporters of the opposition parties to contribute together to prepare for the upcoming Election.

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