Internet Difference Between The Past And The Present
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Internet Difference Between The Past And The Present

Here, Internet Difference Between The Past And The Present.

The rapid development of technology now greatly affects our lifestyle, especially from the entertainment side. For example, with the presence of cable TV and internet packages or choosing between cable TV and satellite TV, this is the difference between the past and present internet, to enjoy high quality favorite TV shows from abroad. No need anymore, look for pirated DVDs in a shopping center, right? Well, speaking of the internet, the internet technology that exists today is totally different from the old days when 1990s.

Internet connection, In the past for the “children” of the 90s who had felt the internet at that time must have experienced an event that was cool browsing the internet but had to stop because there were family members who had to use the telephone. This is because the internet used to dial-up connection using a telephone network. This means that the telephone line to the home will be interrupted when using the internet because it uses the same LAN cable.

Now, we can easily connect to the internet without having to use an alias cable with WI-FI.

Media access

In the past, because it could only be connected using a telephone cable, the internet could only be accessed using a computer. That is, we can only use at home, office or internet cafe.

Now, the internet can be easily accessed via our smartphone, either with Wi-Fi or smartphone internet package. So, we can access the internet wherever we are. No wonder, compared to computers or laptops, people are now more often using their smartphones.

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