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Malaysia’s Internet Traffic Changed After 5 Years

The Malaysian Internet Operator Association (MyIX) today reported that Malaysia experienced a sudden increase in Internet traffic of 1200% compared to 2012.

According to statistical data from MyIX, the average monthly peak monthly average value via MyIX services was 222.4 Gbps if it was only 16.4 Gbps in 2012.
This growth is generated by high streaming audio / video activities and vibrant social media activities. It directly shows the rapid growth of the country’s Internet landscape. For users, it’s a good news for some reason.

The first is the cost of the Internet to be reduced because the flow of data in the country is cheaper than when using outside infrastructure. The proof, more telco provides free data and unlimited packages to its users to foster Internet use.

In addition, broadband quality is enhanced as content is within the country easier and faster accessible.

MyIX is an organization of SKMM initiatives to regulate the country’s Internet exchange. It was established in 2006 with the help of all service providers (ISPs).

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