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Maxis Home Fiber Will Not Be Automatically Upgrade

An announced by the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Gobind Singh, among internet service providers who introduced internet plans with faster speeds at lower prices was Maxis. Everything is updated to be just two new plans, Maxis Home Fiber 30Mbps and 100Mbps.

What’s up with existing Maxis Home Fiber customers? According to Maxis, the upgrade will not be automatically made. Then existing users will stay with the price of the old plan, if no action is taken.

Maxis, they did not automatically make this upgrade because they want to give users choices. For example, the 30Mbps user has previously charged RM139 per month, but the new 30Mbps plan is only RM89.

So, Maxis takes steps to give users choices. Whether to switch to 100Mbps plan RM129 per month or to plan 30Mbps RM89 per month. For this reason, Maxis has been actively proactive by connecting with customers to explain about new plans and upgrade options.

To customers who have not received any contact from Maxis, you can contact with Maxis to choose the new plan that you want. Any upgrade of this plan is free, at no extra cost.

But, customers who want to switch their router to a new model, will be contracted for 24 months. This is because old routers can not give 100Mbps full speed.

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