Petronas E-wallet setel allows you to pay for petrol on your smartphone
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Petronas E-wallet setel allows you to pay for petrol on your smartphone

Petronas has recently released a new E-Wallet which allows you to pay for petrol on your smartphone. It’s called ”Setel” and unlike other E-Wallets, it doesn’t use any QR code. Instead, it only relies on your GPS location.

Since it is an E-wallet, you’ll have to perform a top up by adding your preferred credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can also top up via online banking as well. You can add as low as RM1 with your debit card. Once that’s done, you are ready to refuel using the Setel app.
When you launch Setel app, it will display a map with the nearest Petronas station. The “Purchase” option is only enabled if you are within the vicinity of a supported petrol station.

To pay, it just takes three simple steps by just select the pump number that your car is currently at, and choose full tank or a amount you want to refuel. 6 digit pin is required to the payment. Once it is done,you can start refuel.

By the way you are not allowed to use your phone next to the pump, the app constantly reminds you to leave the phone in the vehicle at all times for safety.

So far the Set app is only available for Android apps and is still in the trial period. This app allows users to activate the pump and make payments online with the option to reload in apps, credit cards, debit cards or online bank payments.

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