Receive 5G Internet Through Facebook Terragraph
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Receive 5G Internet Through Facebook Terragraph

Kuala Lumpur To Receive 5G Internet Through ‘Facebook Terragraph’

Facebook at the MWC 2018 held in Barcelona announced they are ready to help Kuala Lumpur with the technology offering ‘Facebook Terragraph’. A technology to help users in and out of the country get 5G internet connections.

More interestingly, only two cities in the world are selected through this latest Facebook project where another city is chosen Budapest, Hungary.

Through this technology, Facebook Terragraph will work with Telenor in providing the opportunity for people across Kuala Lumpur to access the Internet easily and quickly. This technology is also targeted at rural areas around Kuala Lumpur which still have a poor internet network.

The use of this small wave technology is said to be connecting to some internet network censorship in Malaysia in order to provide the fast internet for the public.

Hopefully with the help of the latest technology from Facebook, almost all users in Kuala Lumpur can enjoy high speed Internet usage. Speed ​​exceeds 100 Mbps between expected over 5G internet network usage.

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