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Streamyx Users, Is Time To Check Your Upgrade Now

TM has previously promised upgrades for unifi and Streamyx users. Unifi users receive the Turbo upgrade gradually, but for Streamyx users there are several types of upgrades available.

TM has now developed a page that allows Streamyx users to check for the upgrade credentials they will receive. People can check it on the Streamyx Upgrade page.

There are three types of upgrades available. For users within unifi coverage, they will be upgraded to unifi plan by type of building. For home-based home users such as terrace houses and bungalows, will be upgraded to 100Mbps unifi plan. While high-rise buildings such as apartments and condos, will be upgraded to a 30Mbps unifi plan.

But for Streamyx users outside of unifi coverage, your Streamyx speed will be double the upgrade, up to 8Mbps. All of these upgrades are free, with no additional charges in the bill.

For unifi package users, upgrade your Turbo is notified via email. Do not forget to check your inbox or Spam folder about an upgrade email from TM.

TM recently stated they have upgraded more than half of the 340,000 eligible Streamyx customers to the unifi plan. Another 350,000 Streamyx subscribers will double their speeds up to 8Mbps, the fastest speed that can be reached by copper networks.

To ensure a smooth upgrade, Streamyx users are encouraged to update their e-mail and phone details to be contacted. This update can be made via unifi website or unifi care application.

Become a Streamyx user, check your upgrade now at the Streamyx Upgrade page. Do not forget to update your email and phone details.

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