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Students Opportunities to Join Huawei Technologies Malaysia

Students Opportunities to Join Huawei Technologies Malaysia ICT Academy.

A total of 3,000 university students across Malaysia have the potential to be admitted to a course under the Huawei Technologies Malaysia ICT Academy which was launched globally two years ago.

University of Malaya is listed among seven local universities in partnership with Huawei to prepare graduates to meet the job market requirements.

It is estimated that 400 to 500 UM students will receive this benefit.

Two courses are given in short term involving class and practical classroom sessions ranging from 5 to 10 days and long term up to three years.

The academic’s objective is to expose students to actual work experience through offerings including operational management, communication infrastructure and information technology as well as teaching and learning concepts.

Huawei’s ICT Academy through Huawei Authorized Information Network Academy (HAINA) sees the implementation of this program as the best platform for graduates to achieve a dream job.

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