Telco Have Lowered The Broadband Internet Price
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Telco Have Lowered The Broadband Internet Price

Up to date, four telco have lowered Internet prices in fixed line broadband packages for as low as RM89.

Telekom Malaysia (TM), Maxis, TIME and Celcom have announced new fixed line broadband packages following the recommendation by the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Gobind Singh Deo to offer fixed line broadband at a more affordable price to the people , continued
from the implementation of the Mandatory Standard on Access Price (MSAP).

All telecommunications companies are now offering start-up packages below
RM100, as well as packages offering higher speeds at lower prices.

In June, the Communications and Multimedia Minister announced that through the implementation of MSAP for fixed line broadband, the government expects broadband prices to be reduced by at least 25% by 31 December 2018 while higher speeds
will be provided.

Overall, the MSAP implementation has seen a reduction in prices by more than 30% for the initial packages.

Higher speed – In addition to preliminary packages, telecommunication companies also announced speed improvements at the same price. In certain cases, like TM, the speed has increased 10-fold.

Similarly with other telecommunications companies who are also introducing high-speed packages with TIME introducing Gigabit startup packages at a price of RM199. This is the first time the package package
Gigabit widths are introduced to most segments of the population in Malaysia.

The implementation of MSAP and the price reduction following the implementation are in line with the government’s efforts to provide high quality and world-class bandwidth at affordable prices. Communications Commission
and Multimedia Malaysia (MCMC) will continue to work with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Ministry to further enhance the quality of broadband in Malaysia.

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