Unifi Malaysia Telecommunication companies allow existing subscribers enjoy better broadband services
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Telecommunication companies allow existing subscribers enjoy better broadband services

Malaysia: Telcos to allow subscribers to switch to new broadband packages

All telecommunication companies are prepared to permit their current supporters who wish to appreciate better broadband services at a lower cost to change new packages, the Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said.

Maxis and TM have also wanted to upgrade their asymmetric digital subscriber line or known as (ADSL) to fibre optic,while Celcom is set to extend the inclusion for its settled broadband services in 2019 with the participation of different alternative technology and telcos.

This implies all endorsers will have alternatives to either appreciate bring down rate, better web speed at a similar cost, or both,” the MCMC said.

The commission additionally said that it had assembled discourses with the telcos to discover answers for a few issues raised by the supporters following the declaration on the new settled broadband packages.

This incorporates the issue of Streamyx benefit and the disappointment of existing subscribers who did not profit by the value decrease and the new packages.

Recently, there are four telcos to be specific TM, Maxis, TIME and Celcom declared the value decrease of up to 56 percent for their settled broadband services.

The MCMC will keep on checking the move made by the telcos to guarantee that they stay focused on giving rapid broadband as per the terms and states of the bought in packages, MCMC said.

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