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Things You Must Do If Sign In To CIMB Clicks

4.Things You Must Do If Sign In To CIMB Clicks
It was ragged last week when there was a portal reporting a problem on the CIMB Clicks platform. It comes from CIMB activating the reCAPTCHA function on their portal. Not enough of that, there are users who start reporting cash from their savings accounts through some dubious transactions, such as PayPal.

What is reCAPTCHA?
It is another layer of security that is widely used to reduce the risk of hack caused by brute force.

For example, I am a hacker and would like to log in to my account and I will try to guess your password starting with 123456 or abcde. To save time, hackers will use a computer to guess your password.

This is where reCAPTCHA plays a role. When the reCAPTCHA is present, it will ask the person who is trying to login to solve the problem that is usually the only person who can, for example identifying the picture or altering the alphabet from a blurry picture.

1. Change the CIMB Clicks Password
Passwords are things that need to be updated periodically, without limitation when there are issues like this. If you have never updated your password, this is probably the best time. It does not take long.

2. Change the limit of CIMB Clicks transactions
After changing your CIMB Clicks password, you should also check the channels that allow your money to go out. Three of these are by online transfer, debit cards, and ATM cards. Good thing about this function is you can place a transaction limit that can be done within a day. It will, at least, minimize the risk of huge losses.

3. Change the ATM transaction limit
The second channel is via ATM, you can access that function on the service page on the CIMB Clicks portal.

4. Change the debit card transaction limit
Debit cards are the main cause of losing money. Therefore, for online transactions, use a more secure credit card. This is because, using a debit card, your money will be deducted directly and if there is any contradiction, CIMB will take 45 working days to investigate.

For credit cards, you have the right to not pay the transaction if you can prove that the transaction does not happen to you.

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