Malaysia Unifi:This Router D Link Can Help If You Got Slow Internet
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This Router D Link Can Help If You Got Slow Internet

This Router D Link Can Help, How to get faster internet access.

Sometimes your fiber plan may have been updated but there is no suitable router to get the speed to be worth it.

To wait for suppliers such as TM, TIME and so on may take time or their routers are not how much to pay, the amount of perforation.

Let’s trying out a router from D-link D-Link AC2600 EXO MU-MIMO Dual Band Gigabit model.

Perhaps most users will be aware of the use of such models in everyday life as some are less knowledgeable in technology.

It is used to connect two or more wireless networks and subnetworks as most users have more than one personal computer (PC) at home.

Do not panic or upset when you buy this product because it is very limited that your information technology (IT) knowledge is very easy to install.

The testers did not believe at first when holding this product because it seemed like too big in the picture but in fact, the corresponding size.

The black color with this modern spacecraft design is certainly fascinating which is able to get rid of boredom as most other router designs on the market.

There are four antennas that extend the WiFi network in the home either one storey, two storeys, or even three storeys, its reach is still widespread.

Of course, Sam installs it to fit together with unifi replacing the usual routers offered. The result is faster performance with WiFi which is quite ‘ultimate’.

Well, Speedtest reading is still the same, but its speed is more significant with this router switch than the old router D-Link AC2600 EXO MU-MIMO Dual Band Gigabit is capable of delivering speeds up to 800Mbps at 2.4GHz and 5GHz so quite in fact with an existing Internet package for impacting on various tasks.

That is, you can stream or play games with very low ping rates.

There are two USB ports formats 2.0 da 3.0 to connect them to storage drivers for data sharing and so on.

Is it friendly to all telecommunications? According to the manufacturer, if you are UniFi, HyppTV, Maxis Fiber Internet or TIME Fiber, there is no direct problem.

This product is best suited though it is not a tool that customers often want and easy to use even when you are not knowledgeable in IT.

Your Internet speed will be better and easy to install but there are also tips through YouTube for this product.


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