Tips Transfer Content From IPhone To Android
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Tips Transfer Content From IPhone To Android

Tips transfer content from IPhone to Android like photo,video or others content.

Usually for users in Malaysia, let’s try something different.

Nothing will stay or be loyal to one brand only especially for smartphone users.

For iPhone users, it may be difficult to change from one operating system (OS) to another OS.

For example, Android to iOS and vice versa.

We will focus on conversions from iOS to Android, so you can follow these simple steps.

– Download Google Drive in iOS now.
– Enter an existing Gmail email or create a new Gmail account.
– It’s better to create a new email, so you keep getting 15GB of storage and its capacity is blank to fit a whole range of things.
– After you finish downloading the Google Drive app, please open the backup icon in the Menu Settings Backup. Choose which content you want to backup and just hit the Start Backup icon.
– Make sure the battery is enough.
– What you can move is just a contact number, a picture, a video and a calendar but not an app.
– You can retrieve application data if you log on the application itself because it is not an OS.

– Use WiFi more efficiently as it may take hours.

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