TM Offers Unifi
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TM Offers Unifi Wireless Broadband Without Contract

TM Offers Unifi Wireless Broadband

What will you do if your home or office is not included in fixed bandwidth coverage like Streamyx and UniFi?

Enjoy TM Offers Unifi Wireless Broadband now

The choices available for the internet are through mobile networks.There is only one plan offered,

60GB of data per month for a fee of RM83.74 including GST.

If not enough data can be added RM40 for additional 20GB through unifi mobile care application.

Telekom Malaysia, which is ready to offer mobile via mobile unifi, now offers a mobile broadband package known as unifi Wireless Broadband. The most interestingly, no contract is subject to registration. Means, may be canceled at any time without penalty.


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