Unifi Malaysia WiFi Services
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Unifi Malaysia WiFi Services

Unifi Malaysia WiFi Services WiFi Services Now Known As Wifi@unifi.

Formerly known as TM WiFi, it is a service from TM Malaysia which provides WiFi facilities for public areas in more than 4000 locations throughout the country.

Recently, the nation’s giant communications company has announced the re-branding of TM WiFi services to wifi @ unifi and starting Sept 16, all users can access this free and unlimited wifi@unifi service with up to 4Mbps connections and you can use it without any registration and payment.

According to the Lowyat.net site, for this free access, it is limited to 30 minutes per day with a maximum connection of 1Mbps. For UniFi and Streamyx subscribers they are able to accept connections up to 4Mbps but with a quota of 500MB per day. RM3 will be charged to enable unlimited access.

This free offer will last until December 31, 2017, So that means no more wifi@unifi access can use for free in this year.

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