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Unifi Package & Maxis Latest Fiber Plan

Unifi Package & Maxis Latest Fiber Internet Plan 2018

In response to the government’s strengthen the national Internet service, service providers seem to start updating their Internet offerings to make Internet access more affordable and quality enjoyed by Malaysians.

Latest, Maxis today introduced two new plans in MaxisONE Home Fiber products.

The two plans are 30Mbps and 100Mbps.For comparison, unifi Basic comes with a few limitations like, customers with income less than RM4,500 quota of 60GB Unifi Basic may win the coverage category given by Maxis.

If 30Mbps is not fast enough, you can choose to subscribe to the 100Mbps plan with a monthly commitment of RM129. With it, you get quota and unlimited calling convenience to use.

The same product is also available for business customers at the following rates:

30Mbps – RM99 / month
100Mbps – RM139 / month

Unifi Package & Maxis

Compared to home-based plans, business plan customers enjoy additional services like “Always-On” to ensure the continuity of their business.

Maxpert support facilities are also available to help customers identify problems with their Internet connection.

Users interested to get MaxisONE Home Fiber can subscribe to the product’s website. Maxis will start going to the customer’s premises from September 13, 2018 to install.

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