Malaysia Unifi When MCMC Get Mad On TM
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When MCMC Get Mad On TM

Before TM explained the three main issues Click here to read, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) made a statement informing the country’s largest fixed-line broadband provider with market share of 85.97% of total subscribers, TM’s failure to take up service repair service impact on many Malaysians who rely on TM’s network for their daily personal and professional activities.

Consumers demand better services as well as payable to TM.

To date, MCMC has received 7,946 complaints regarding TM’s services, an increase of 43% compared to 4,528 complaints received in 2017. Based on the average number of complaints for every 1,000 customers, TM has recorded the highest number of complaints compared to service providers other telecommunications.

Most of the complaints received led to consumer dissatisfaction with price issues (21%), lack of UNIFI coverage (16%), UNIFI service disruptions (13%), billing and charges (14%), service delivery (14%) and others Another category is 22%.

The Government looks seriously in regard to the decline in TM’s service delivery that needs immediate improvement.

TM’s repeated approach to addressing consumer complaints by making technical constraints and asking consumers to be patient as an excuse, is an unacceptable action. Leaving them in wonder, is not the way a respected company like TM should operate.

For example, during a recent problem of disruption, TM has informed customers about the UNIFI service interruption, but failed to state the reasons for the disruption.

TM should also rationalize the inequality in price aspects between UNIFI and Streamyx for every instant mega bit so that customers are charged fairly for the speed enjoyed without technology discrimination. This is especially important in areas where there is no UNIFI service.

Therefore, TM needs to be more transparent when dealing with the People by offering value-added packages and not taking advantage of unsatisfied customers.

Consumer protection is a priority of MCMC and the MCMC will not hesitate to take any regulatory action against TM or any licensee in violation of the rules set.


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